Venue Information


Disabled Seating: Seating for persons with disabilities is available; please call 682-4115, ext. 10114 to alert the staff of your seating needs. We are happy to allow you to come out in advance to see the seating arrangements in order to make certain that they meet your needs. For assistance on the day of the performance, please ask for the House Manager for early seating.

Late Seating: Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager, usually during scene changes and applause.

​Cameras, Recorders, Pagers, Cellular Phones, Watch Alarms: To avoid disruptions, we must prohibit the taking of photographs and the use of recording devices. Please check cameras and tape recorders at the Box Office and turn off cellular phones, pagers, and watch alarms.

Young Theatre patrons: Our shows are not recommended for infants. If you do choose to bring infants and toddlers to the theatre, we ask that you take them out of the theatre if they are disruptive, in consideration of other audience members. When returning to the theatre, please wait for scene change or applause to return to your seats. Not all shows are appropriate for all ages., If you are unfamiliar with the show, you are STRONGLY encouraged to call prior to attending a show to make sure it appropriate for your youngster.

Meet the cast and crew: If you would like to meet the cast and crew, they come out in the lobby in costume right after the performance.

​Parking: Parking is free. Theatre patrons are encouraged to park by the front door for convenient theatre access.